Cymbals Eat Guitars

Pissed off Modest Mouse has been reduced to shunned sell outs? Can you no longer stand the nasal bliss of Doug Martsc's vocals you once so lovingly embraced? Has Pavement become too hip to like? Well have no fear, because thanks to Cymbals Eat Guitars, you officially have a legit listening alternative.

Originally a 2 man show with guitarist/vocalist Joseph D'Agostino and drummer Matt Miller, CEG has unsurprisingly exceeded any expectations one may have had of them back in the day, had you been lucky enough to hear them the days of bedroom rehearsals and 4-track demos.

Cymbals has taken all the influences that have guided them through adolescence, teen angst, and beyond, and created a sound all their own. Sort of like the Plato to their Socrates. Some like to point fingers and accuse them of ripping said bands off, but I defend that Cymbals is simply doing them justice, and then some. By the time I finished listening to their debut album "Why There Are Mountains" I was left feeling a cozy combination of nostalgia and renewal.

Cymbals have definitely taken indie rock to a new level, and I'm ever so grateful. It was a sad time in my life when I realized all I had left of music that I actually enjoyed was just out-dated albums that I can't even stand anymore. Kind of like the girlfriend you're really sick of, but keep on dating just because there's no one better around. It's also nice to find a band that isn't just going completely spastic on their instruments in hopes of miraculously creating something original.

So I applaud you, Cymbals, for providing me with completely new material to blast throughout my humble home, sparing my roommates the agony of hearing "This is a long drive..." for the 243,424,3423th time.

Their sound is sick, the effort that went into writing and recording this album is very present, and very impressive. These kids have kicked your ass, and if you disagree, well fuck you, what the hell have you done?